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Social D

Take away this ball & …tape.

While I grew up listening to mostly hair metal and blues, I got into punk while stationed in Germany. Social D was not exactly the heaviest of punk bands – maybe that’s what made them accessible to those of us who hadn’t heard much of the genre. Coming home in 1991 I would bring this […]

Radio K.A.O.S.

The Tide has Turned on my Radio KAOS Tape

In the early 1980s I heard “The Wall” for the first time and I became in instant Pink Floyd fan. This would be followed by hearing Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and other greats. I progressed through the albums and as a high schooler, began to focus on ousted frontman […]

My First Vinyl – in Cassette Form

The very first album I ever owned was Van Halen – Van Halen. I got it for my eighth birthday, along with some pop rocks, and other ephemera. Having heard it at a relatives house, I instantly fell in love, and knew I had to have it. At seven years old I was already on […]

Me with my 1985 BSR Speakers from DAK Catalog

Me & My BSR DR-1550R speakers

My first two jobs were dishwashing and bagging groceries. The first one covered the summer of 1985, and afforded me a fine, used, 1978 JAG snowmobile come Fall. The second was bagging groceries at Trig’s Food and Drug in Minocqua WI, something I would continue for several years, but that first year set me on […]