I held on to these forever; not even sure where I got them. (?) Likely my dad gave me something important / of merit, and it came in an ammo can. Then I kept the ammo can because of the coolness level.

But the truth of the matter is beyond the cool factor, the container does not offer a lot of utility – unless you are keeping ammo in it.

You can’t see what’s in it, its dark / not clear to ready if you try to label it with a Sharpie, difficult to open (on purpose) and – susceptible to oxidation (it rusts).

But alas, it looked snazzy in my workshop, and held various nuts/bolts/nails/drill bits until those moved to a glass jar, eventually changing to holding on to a dwindling library of cassette tapes.

Those tapes fell out of necessity as well. That’s why it was time to get rid of my M2A1 .50 CAL ammo can.