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Portfolio CDs – a Thing of the Past

As cool as the craftsmanship is, I simply could not find a reason to keep this wooden DVD / CD-Rom case anymore. Granted, I held onto it for almost 20 years, but with the creation of this site (and the shrinking of the storage capacity of my now-finished basement), I took a long hard look […]

Ammo Cans – Not Cool Enough to Keep

I held on to these forever; not even sure where I got them. (?) Likely my dad gave me something important / of merit, and it came in an ammo can. Then I kept the ammo can because of the coolness level. But the truth of the matter is beyond the cool factor, the container […]

hyundai cordless drill

Drilling with a Wedding Present

We got a monetary wedding gift from my parents when we were married. I used that to get what I determined to be essential tools and other needs for our house. One of the things I got was this Hyundai drill. This drill setup baby gates, hung curtain roads, drilled drywall screws, and built countless […]

My mom and dad's dining room table, that became mine

The Table that I Didn’t Want to Let Go

My retired mom and dad moved to Philly in 2004. As a result, everything in the house had to go, including mom & dad’s dining room table. That table came with me, and would become the dining room table in our small, first house. At that point my wife and I were actually making an […]