Me with my 1985 BSR Speakers from DAK Catalog

Me & My BSR DR-1550R speakers

My first two jobs were dishwashing and bagging groceries. The first one covered the summer of 1985, and afforded me a fine, used, 1978 JAG snowmobile come Fall. The second was bagging groceries at Trig’s Food and Drug in Minocqua WI, something I would continue for several years, but that first year set me on […]

A pile of VCR tapes, recorded over the years

Moving on From My Pile of VHS tapes.

My parents joined the cultural elite in 1983, purchasing our first VCR. Soon we would have a mountain of video tapes, from recording movies, local news, television shows, and school performances. Somehow at the ripe old age of 12 I became the operator, recorder and curator of everything revolving the Video Cassette Recorder, and its […]